A Little Wild

by Ballroom Boxer

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released January 1, 2019




Ballroom Boxer Chicago, Illinois

Ballroom Boxer is the "Bill Murray of rock n' roll" fitting in everywhere and standing out every time.

Their raw tones and swift melodies flourished from the music rich cities of Akron, OH, Chicago and Nashville and they cut their teeth playing with Waters, the Whigs, Bastille, Kodaline, etc, captivating SXSW, NYC, Chicago, Nashville, and next, Cape Town, South Africa.
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Track Name: A Little Wild
Well I guess
I guess we should get over it
But its just so hard to be
When we’re all out of our heads

And we took it to the streets and then they cut off the hands
Of every class and color under a percent
Please don't sleep don't fade don't follow
We’ll Fight todays and right tomorrows

Dont stop that gut feeling turnaround
Cause we all know that the world won't change - we need a little wild
Unless we all will change - we need a little wild

What a riot here upon our shores
Here’s a trophy now your futures gone
Gonna keep all of the tech & then they’ll drain the blood
Retire now boomer, the peninsula

And we took it to the streets and then they cut off the hands
Of every class and color under a percent
Feed the dreams up to the top
listening to the champagne pop

So now we need a little pain
Oh but we can’t take more change
Watch it sift right through the hands
And put us out of our own way

Run for cover they’re no longer a friend
Track Name: Damn Fine Characters
Every night’s barely alive in this old and lonely town
Where the people don’t really think too much
They just zombie it around
And they’re wired you’ll see them crack a smile
But they got nowhere to go
Their tied so damn tight
To trite rituals

But we’re fine
We’re damn fine characters
With damn fine characters we’ll knock your socks off yeah

Our fight comes from a good place
Aging won’t make us afraid
And we know that good intentions
Pave the road to hell in spades
Do not deny us
A better way to roll
We will design for
Anyone with soul

Where's the fun in it all?
Not even truth can hear our cries & set us free

We don't need them anymore
Track Name: So Summer
It’s a Saturday night
By the lake emotion’s in the air
Gonna put it in park
light it up with a cigarette stare

So high bodies turning like the sea
Finally breathing free
I’m a work it just right
And text it all night to the hearts up there

we’re so, we’re so summer - oh and you can taste it now
And so what, so what lovers - oh and you can taste it now

Suns down we’re swimming in uniquity
Nobodys got a care
Throwing shots in the dark
All the young hearts beat with the fear

We’ll move ahead and carpe diem till we’re dead
Always in some sunglasses
Cause you gotta tune in
To the hard hits of the Autumn air

I’d rather cling on to my youth than grow up
Stay in the summer and lose control
I’d rather cling on to my youth than grow up
And beat back all of the fear that makes us old
Track Name: September
Darlin get back
You’re blood is causing treason
you won’t find a reason
There’s a target on your love
Get it on track
You know I’m dangerous in season
Baby don’t you feel it?
when the good ol times come?

Now ur heart’s entrapped
your intellect will free you
There’s nothing anyone can do
When your mind’s the gun you draw
Gotta relax
Its all designed to mire you
Go on and fight like hell & try to prove
Win one for the cause

Cause you know that life doesn’t have to be
A day to day catastrophe
Better love all of the life you bleed
let it pour out of your pores
And it aint always serious
When you’re jumping with the fear of trust
Start running instead & cheer for us
Wash out all your blues

Oh you best believe it
I’m trying hard to remember I think it was September
When we got back
To that good ol feeling
When everythings a smile baby don’t ya turn that dial
Baby get back

Oh, they left you all alone alone all alone just drowning in your tears
Oh now you got a home you got it all you got it all right here

You've got it all
Track Name: Bill Murray
Now you’re sipping champagne
But you don’t need to shout
I’m kicking out the ordinary
I’m spitting at the clouds

With one foot on the slow n’ steady pace
One foot on the breakneck irony
I came in here dressed like a heartache
I fit into everybody’s scene

I wanna be the Bill Murray of rock n roll oh oh oh
I wanna be the Bill Murray of rock n’ roll oh oh oh
And now nobody's anybody anymore

No one will believe me
I’m alone in the crowd
I don’t see what's so funny
I smile upside down

I tried to let it all just happen
but it isn't happening for me
I came here dressed for the moment
I break in the personality

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